Available Services

  • Automatic Sprinkler protection and maintenance
  • Quarterly, weekly services
  • 3yr Sprinkler Valve Services
  • Annual Pump Services
  • Emergency leak repairs
  • Design and plans
  • Flow tests
  • FHR and HYD installations and relocation




We provide a full, automatic sprinkler installation service to our clients, including the design of the system, manufacture, and installation as well as commissioning.

Fire Safety

We supply and install fire hose reels,
fire pumps and tanks, fire hydrants
and portable fire extinguisher.

Custom Designs

We custom design sprinkler systems, which adhere to ASIB 12th , 11th, 10th and 9th Edition regulatory rules.



24-hour service

We offer 24-hour
emergency call-out service.

Equipment Servicing

We service all fire protection equipment
as required by the ASIB and SABS.

Equipment Training

We can train staff in the use of
the fire extinguishing equipment.

Training on Maintenance Procedures

We also train staff to manage the daily and weekly
procedures that need be carried out as required by the ASIB
to ensure correct functioning of the fire protection equipment.


We perform the quarterly, bi-annual, yearly and three yearly
maintenance and servicing as required by the ASIB regulations.